Refrigeration, air-conditioning, industrial ventilation - Europe

Besides installation of air-conditioning, the specialization of our company is professional designing of ventilation systems. We have our own design office and a team of highly qualified specialists who prepare projects needed to apply in all governmental institutions. Although our company is based in the territory of Katowice, we serve customers throughout Poland and whole Europe.


Industrial air-conditioning - designing and service

You can give us the responsibility for designing air-conditioning, anywhere - in an office, shop, production hall, etc. The region of our business activity covers not only Poland, but also entire Europe. Air-conditioning greatly improves comfort in various rooms. If you encounter any malfunction, you can also rely on our technical assistance. We offer not only assembly, but also technological air-conditioning service.


Cold and freezing rooms - from design to assembly

We also specialize in designing and assembly of freezing and cold rooms, acting on behalf of companies from over the world. Furthermore, our offer includes assembly of refrigerating units and their servicing and repair. In addition, in case of refrigeration appliances with a power above 12 kW, we will evaluate their energy efficiency. We also help to select the most advantageous technical solutions...




Firma Clima Line wykonuje również analizy FEM z zakresu symulacji mechaniki i przepływów. Nasi inżynierowie używają profesjonalnego oprogramowania ANSYS Discovery Ultimate. Jest to nowy produkt, który został zbudowany na istniejących solverach ANSYS: Mechanical, FLUENT i Maxwell i posiada możliwości z zakresu symulacji mechaniki i przepływów.


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The enterprise is formed by the team of 20 people. We are young and dynamic engineers,
working both in the design office and on the construction site.
We are supported by experienced management.

We cooperate with specialists from teaching staff of Wrocław University of Technology, which raises the level of our services and sets us apart from the competition. We have all the required qualifications to design, construct and operate systems and appliances, which allows us to comprehensively implement investments.

We have been successfully operating in broadly understood industrial refrigeration for many years. Our business activity is carried out within the city of Katowice and hence we mainly serve customers representing different areas. We offer a wide range of solutions for businesses that use a variety of refrigeration appliances every day. They may be, for example, cold or freezing rooms. We provide professional service and repair. Moreover, we design air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, sanitary and gas systems in commercial, service, office, sports and recreational facilities, industrial, storage and hotel facilities as well as hospital. Our offer is complemented with professional measurement and evaluation of energy efficiency of refrigeration appliances.

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Jarząbkowski Sompoliński Spółka Jawna
Ks. Bpa H. Bednorza 2A-6, 40-384 Katowice, Poland
VAT UE: 634 285 63 68, REGON: 363 70 32 52
Phone: +48 (32) 202-20-79, e-mail: biuro*!*clima-line.pl

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