About company

Clima Line Jarząbkowski Sompoliński, has been existing under the current name since February 2016, in fact it has been operating its business since 2013, achieving a number of spectacular successes over the years, and continuously expanding its offer. As a result of employing the best engineers, assembly fitters, technologists and designers, we are able to offer the highest level of services while maintaining competitive prices.

The main area of our business activity comprises widely defined refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. On the top of designing modern systems, we also deal with their implementation in line with Customers' expectations as well as current technological standards. By continuous investment in our business, we are constantly expanding our capabilities, not only through professional staff training and hiring the best specialists. It is also our pursuit of excellence, to seek new technological solutions that, on one hand, will be characterized by superior performance, and they will be energy efficient and reliable on the other hand.

Our offer is primarily targeted at entrepreneurs, dealing with smaller air-conditioning and ventilation projects but also those leading large scale projects that are dedicated, inter alia, to large industrial facilities. We are convinced that the real passion of our employees will be able to meet your expectations, performing all assigned works in the best possible way.

Having adequate qualification as well as extensive experience, nowadays, our offer is extended by activities related to supervising construction sites. Using our services, you can expect a comprehensive action that begins with designing and preparation of an investment, through its running and supervision, and ending up with construction itself. This is possible not only through employing the best specialists in the industry but also by investing in cutting-edge equipment and measuring instruments that make our company competitive in terms of service complexity.

Clima Line Jarząbkowski Sompoliński is a trustworthy company, which provides not only comprehensive services in the area of ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration but also benefits you a lot from knowledge and experience of our employees. We always try to be helpful, answer all the questions and dissipate any doubts in such a way that our actions are fully understood and tailored to individual needs.

If the general nature of our company's business activity described in such a way is insufficient for you, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. We believe that our services will meet your expectations, guaranteeing that money spent on the investments will quickly start to bear fruits and earn its own income.


Jarząbkowski Sompoliński Spółka Jawna
Ks. Bpa H. Bednorza 2A-6, 40-384 Katowice, Poland
VAT UE: 634 285 63 68, REGON: 363 70 32 52
Phone: +48 (32) 202-20-79, e-mail: biuro*!*

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