FEM calculations

Clima Line also performs FEM analyses in the field of mechanics and flow simulations. Our engineers use professional ANSYS Discovery Ultimate software. This is a new product that has been built on existing ANSYS solvers: Mechanical, FLUENT and Maxwell and has the potential to simulate mechanics and flows. The software has an integrated CAD system (ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler) and a module for parametric and topological optimization (ANSYS DesignXplorer) which greatly improves the efficiency of work.


In addition, ANSYS Discovery Ultimate has a Discovery Live module that uses meshless methods to verify structures at the initial design stage. Due to the fact that the simulation is done in real time, it gives us great flexibility in searching for optimal solutions - we do not have to wait for the results because every change in the geometry or the value of the boundary condition immediately refreshes the model.

Regardless of whether the simulation includes thermics, mechanics or fluids, or their combinations, all aspects of work with simulation are included in a single window design that allows predicting the full performance of the product with the results. Thanks to the advanced parametric and optimization functions in ANSYS Discovery Ultimate, the design space can be automatically examined and optimal solution can be found faster.


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